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Trauma Therapy

Healing From Your Past

Trauma Therapy

When we experience events that threaten our sense of safety and a violation of our trust there is often a lasting impact.  Trauma can affect our capacities for developing trust, attachments, healthy relationships, and a positive sense of self.  These painful experiences can also affect our ability to safely tolerate strong emotions and often coincide with PTSD.  Trauma focused psychotherapy is one way to work towards healing. While we are not able to change events that happened in the past, we can explore the narrative surrounding these events and promote an environment that fosters healing to take place. I believe in working at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Past painful events are often difficult to talk about and by no means is it necessary to fully share your story in order to receive the benefits of trauma counseling.

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What Are The Benefits of Trauma Counseling?

  • Help you make peace with your past so you can lead a more fulfilling life

  • Develop skills to reduce and cope with symptoms related to PTSD

  • Help you to develop skills to safely tolerate strong emotions

  • Recover from addictions and unhealthy relationship patterns related to traumatic stress

  • Have a safe place to process past painful experiences

You May Benefit from Trauma Therapy If:

  • You have a history of childhood abuse including physical, sexual, verbal abuse, or emotional neglect

  • You have flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive negative thoughts about the past or avoid people situations or things that remind you of past traumatic events

  • Chronically feel unsafe or are always on guard

  • Feel emotionally numb or detached from others. Have difficulty connecting with strong emotions

  • Struggle with safely feeling strong emotions and are worried about feeling “too much”

  • Struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, self-esteem issues, and unworthiness